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Spring Refresh: 10 Tips to prepare your lake house for the season

Posted by Michigan Lifestyle Properties on March 27, 2024

Spring refresh for your lake house

As winter bids farewell and spring beckons with its warm breezes and longer days, it’s time to dust off the cobwebs and prepare your beloved lake house for the vibrant season ahead. Whether your retreat is a serene escape or a hub of activity, a little springtime TLC can breathe new life into your lakeside haven. Here are some tips to get your lake house ready for the spring:

1. Inspection and Maintenance:
Before diving into any spring cleaning, start by inspecting the property for any winter damage. Check the roof for missing shingles, inspect windows and doors for drafts, and examine decks and docks for any signs of wear and tear. Addressing these issues early can prevent more significant problems down the line.

2. Deep Clean Inside and Out:
After the winter months, your lake house might need a thorough cleaning. Start by airing out the rooms, washing windows, and dusting surfaces. Don’t forget to vacuum or mop floors and upholstery, and launder any linens or curtains that have been in storage. Outside, give your deck, patio furniture, and grill a good scrub to remove winter grime.

3. Landscaping and Gardening:
Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor space. Trim overgrown bushes and trees, rake up any leftover leaves or debris, and freshen up flower beds with new mulch or plants. Consider planting native flowers or vegetables in your garden to attract local wildlife and add a pop of color to your surroundings.

4. Check Water Systems:
Inspect your lake house’s water systems, including plumbing, irrigation, and septic tanks, to ensure everything is in working order. Check for leaks, turn on outdoor faucets, and clean out gutters to prevent water damage. If you have a boat dock or lift, inspect it for any necessary repairs and ensure it’s ready for use.

5. Pest Control:
As temperatures rise, so do the number of pests. Take steps to prevent unwelcome visitors by sealing cracks and openings where pests might enter your home. Consider hiring a professional pest control service to treat the property and keep pests at bay throughout the season.

6. Outdoor Entertainment:
Prepare your outdoor entertainment areas for gatherings with family and friends. Clean and arrange outdoor furniture, set up a cozy fire pit, and stock up on essentials for grilling and outdoor dining. Consider adding new amenities such as hammocks, swings, or outdoor games to enhance your guests’ experience.

7. Safety First:
Prioritize safety by checking smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers to ensure they are in working order. If you have a boat or watercraft, inspect it for any necessary maintenance and ensure all safety equipment is onboard and up to date.

8. Embrace Spring Decor:
Inject a dose of springtime cheer into your lake house with fresh decor. Swap out heavy winter throws and pillows for lighter, brighter accents in pastel hues. Consider incorporating seasonal elements like floral arrangements, botanical prints, and nautical touches to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside.

9. Plan for Outdoor Activities:
Take advantage of the warmer weather by planning outdoor activities like fishing, kayaking, hiking, or simply lounging by the lake. Stock up on supplies such as sunscreen, bug spray, and outdoor gear to make the most of your time outdoors.

10. Relax and Enjoy:
After all the hard work of preparing your lake house for spring, take a moment to relax and savor the beauty of the season. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely morning coffee on the porch or hosting a lively gathering with loved ones, cherish the moments spent at your rejuvenated lake retreat.

With these tips in mind, you can ensure that your lake house is primed and ready to embrace the joys of spring. By investing a little time and effort into preparing your property, you’ll create a welcoming oasis where memories are made and cherished for years to come.

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